Privacy Policy

Company which is regarded as a service one of the Company (“Services”) when you sign up for a Company account. You will be considered Company’s service users (“Users”) and to provide services to you, the Company needs to process personal information of users. This personal data protection is established to inform about rights and obligations. Including various conditions related to the collectionand disclose information personal at company will operate for service users As a service user, acknowledge

This Privacy Policy It applies to the service of the company only. It does not apply to other applications and services or websites. that may have a connection which belongs to a third party which the company has no control over and is the part that the service user has to agree with And study the privacy policy for the use of such applications, services or websites separately.
If the user does not agree with the terms of this privacy policy Or other amendments, the company reserves the right to prohibit Or do not allow such service users to use the service of the company. due to processing Results of personal data under this policy have a direct effect on performance of duty Service provided by the Company to the User. In this regard, if the User continues to use the Company’s service, such User will always be deemed to have accepted this policy. The Company may update this policy from time to time. to comply with guidelines and laws related regulations And in accordance with the various services of the company, the company will notify the user. The service is notified of the change by announcing the revised policy to the service user. The policy will be considered effective. when the company announced The nature of the personal data that the company processes in providing the services of the company in service The company will collect and process personal data from the operation of service users through the service system as follows: Personally identifiable information such as name, age, nationality, date of birth. Contact information such as address, contact location, telephone number, e-mail address Service usage information such as user account name, password, transaction history that the service user operates, including the interests of the service user Technical identification data, such as IP addresses, usage data Settings and connection to the browser of the device that the user uses to use the company’s service. Purpose of data processing The company needs to collect, collect, use personal information of service users. for the service at set and specified for each of the Company’s terms of service, including for identity verification and follow up on the transactions of service users for checking payment conditions, service fees, for communicating with users, etc. The Company needs to collect and use personal information of service users. for interest analysis of service users to be able to offer benefits or services according to user interest provide more services or to build a better relationship between the company and the service user The company needs to store and use personal information of service users. for the purpose of Providing other support services such as contacting for information, feedback, comments after service or submitting various requests The company is necessary to store personal information of service users. To comply with laws and government regulations, such as preparing tax documents, withholding or other actions. required by law In this regard, the Company will collect and collect personal information of service users throughout the period. as long as the user The Service remains a user of the Company’s Service. And the company reserves the right to keep the data for a period of 3 years after the user cancels the service. for the sake of protection and defend the rights of the Company, unless the relevant law requires the Company to retain personal information for a different period, the Company may need to keep it for a longer period. year disclosure of personal information for service according to the specified conditions The company may have It is necessary to disclose personal information of service users in the following cases: The Company may need to make disclosures to its external service providers. who was hired by The Company provides support for the Company’s services such as consultants, service contractors, transport contractors, including third-party service providers that provide services for assessing the Company’s services such as Google Analytics. However, the Company will disclose information only as necessary. The company may disclose by keeping your personal data in the computer system that uses services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloudways. The company may disclose information Necessary for the purpose of protecting and defending the rights of the Company or for the prevention and investigation of misconduct related to the use of the Company’s services by service users in various ways The company will do so only as necessary. In the event that the company has a legal duty or subject to judgment or order of government agency The Company may need to disclose information to such agencies in order to comply with their duties under the law Cookies used by the Company to provide services Cookies are text files that are stored on the user’s computer. Used to store detailed log data of internet usage. or service usage behavior of service users in order to guarantee efficiency in Service provision of the company to service users The Company needs to use different types of cookies for different purposes, as outlined below. Functionality Cookies: Used to remember the user’s choices. Or settings on the platform such as user account name, language, font and platform style. in order to present information that meets individual needs to more users according to the selected settings. Advertising Cookies: Used to remember what you have visited and how you use the service. to present the product Or services that are relevant and matched to the interests of the users and used for evaluating the effectiveness of using various functions of the system. Strictly Necessary Cookies are a type of cookie that is strictly necessary for the functioning of service of the company It is necessary for the use of the Service by the User to be able to do so. thoroughly and safely Although the use of cookies is useful for enhancing the performance of the Service, and service work of the company, but if the service user needs Users can delete cookie settings on their own Browser. Service users must acknowledge that Doing so may affect the The right to work in the service of the company in some parts. According to the functional purposes of the cookies specified. A guarantee for the implementation of appropriate data security measures. The Guarantee Company has established appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized access, use, alteration, or disclosure of Personal Data. or use of information personal data subject to keep secret and information security. The Company will arrange to review such measures periodically for appropriateness. Owner’s rights The company acknowledges and respect the legal rights of service users In relation to personal data of the service users, which are the following rights: Right to request access and obtain a copy of personal data Including the right to request correction of such information current and accurate right to request personal information In the event that the Company makes such information in a form that can be read or used General tasks with automatic tools or devices, including the right to request that data be sent or transferred to other data controllers. Right to object to the processing of personal data Right to delete or destroy or make personal information non-personally identifiable. when the data is no longer necessary or when the subject of personal data withdraws consent The right to request that the use of personal information be suspended in the case when it is personal data that needs to be deleted or when such data is no longer needed right to withdraw consent To process information that users have previously provided The service users can contact the company. in order to exercise the above rights according to the contact details The company has set without any cost and the company will consider And notify the result of the request for exercising the right to the service user within 30 days from the date we receive the request.

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