About us

Consultant FDA registration for products , imported, and exported according to the law. Create convenience and peace of mind for entrepreneurs. in doing business Ready to give marketing advice Including planning to solve legal problems with the FDA in every case.

Our company that provides advice on applying for the FDA and registering with the FDA for all types of products, whether it is applying for the FDA for food, applying for the FDA for drugs, applying for the FDA for cosmetics. Receive advice on registration Request a license or renew a license Request certification documents for hazardous substances and medical equipment Providing advice on company registration and many other things.

Providing a complete service, taking care from the beginning, giving advice during every step of the process until getting a registration certificate, a license, and a certificate. Complete every case by a team of highly experienced professionals. Responds to the needs of industrial factories that want to register with ISO, medical device manufacturing companies. Cosmetics, pharmaceutical factory, dietary supplement production OEM, importer of food, medicine, and many more.